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 [wYb] Application Form.

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PostSubject: [wYb] Application Form.   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:47 am

If you are accepted into joining the clan, it is important to have pride in the clan and wear the clan tag [wYb] at all times.
Please take to consideration before submitting a trial to the clan, that once your in wYb, you will be loyal and will be expected to stay in the clan

This is your chance to prove to us that we should consider YOU to trial for this clan, so it's best to put some decent effort into your application and make yourself stand out from the rest!!!

Please Copy the Template Application Below and Paste/Post in a NEW THREAD, and then answer the questions.
Also Feel free to add questions/sections to your application as you feel necessary for us to know.

Hi, and welcome to wybgaming.tk, the home of WatchYourBack [wYb]. If your reading this then your most probably posting an app to see if you can get a position at [wYb].
To help you maintain a spot at [wYb] follow these simple steps/rules:
Skitadle and I mainly look for common sense in a person as it is a major key and is looked over the most during your trial. eg. Not running out and spraying like a headless chook on defending snd. Also keep your spots on defending and cover all entrances etc and keep your spots and dont move around to much. Another example is lets say your on hq, you cover an entrance and stick to it. If you die shout out so we can act fast. If you fail at common sense during your trial and fuck up even once then you will get declined and that'll be it.

A good personality is always great and we always like to have a fun, happy person that can take a joke or two, but not to far. When it comes down to the real deal, we expect full potential from the player and total seriousness.

Clan war concentration:
When it comes to putting our heads down we do not want to here you stuff that isn't relevant to the clan war or don't shout out i just got an epic wall bang as cdnz would say. . We expect full concentration, simple.

Age rule:
The age rule at [wYb] is 15 years of age as we do not want to recruit clan sluts or prepubes. So i would suggest reading this before you get started on your application.

If you think you have all this and know you are the right age then feel free to post your application;
Good Luck on your trial.




Previous PSN IDs (if any):
Previous clans:

Can you host? If yes, How many:

Do you have a gaming headset and if so what brand/type:

What games are you active on:

Which modes do you prefer to play:

SixaxisGaming, Cybergamer or both:

Answer the following questions:
1. Who is better at Call of Duty, cdnz or JoePwnz? - Explain:
2. Which tastes better, broccoli or egg plant?
3. Who out of Jezzix and Shakeyy deserves the right to be called Jake?
4. Better looking, Burkeyy or skitadle?
5. Do you like porridge for breakfast?
6. Goat's Milk or Breast Milk?
7. Which continent is AnarchyUK_ from?

Why would you like to join wYb:

What would you like to gain/expect out of wYb if successful:

Were you recommended by anyone? If so, who:

If there's anything that you would like to add, please do so here:


Thank you for your application, and we'll get back to you with a response as soon as we can.
Please check back on your thread post regularly to see if we have responded :-)
Best of luck :-) (Please do not copy and paste this section...)

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[wYb] Application Form.
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