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 [wYb] History.

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PostSubject: [wYb] History.   Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:07 am

Watch Your Back was formed in march 2009 by Skcram and Skitadle. I was so over being in clans that just ended in as early as a month, so one day i was playing online with some mates and i thought we should start a clan. And they thought it was a great idea. So we sat in private match coming up with clan names and in the end we came up with watch your back, also known as wYb which was then born.

Watch Your Back's meaning comes from the way we played against our opponents in clan wars. We mainly played search and destroy on cod5 & our tactic was to work as a team and charge into the bomb site and get a quick plant to win the round out.

I continued recruiting on cod5 which was going really well with me and skitadle leading wYb through many search and destroy clan wars making us one of the best, if the best search and destroy clan in all of Australia/New zealand, which gave us a lot of confidence.

About two months later wYb ended due to a downfall in the clan which ended us for a while because we were noobs back then and didn't know our place.

In July 2009 watch your back was reborn with me and skitadle still being leaders. We got most of our players back in wYb and a few more with a lot of talent, and just a short time after wYb was back at its peak being one of the best search and destroy clan on cod5.

We then entered our first tournament on sixaxisgaming which was a little new to us. We did quite well to get to where we did with a an equal third spot overall in Australia/New zealand on cod5.

After the tournament wYb ended once again due to a downfall with a member fucking wYb every one around confusing them which led them to leave as they were pre-pubes and didn't know what they were doing. It got to hard so i decided to end wYb.

A few months later i was just looking around for a clan but could not fit into one like wYb. Some old members from wYb were telling me to start it again so i decided to go with their thoughts and reform wYb on call of duty Mw2.

wYb's skill has grown dramatically and has a top squad these days. We don't really play Modern warfare 2 much any more as it takes no skills and was dedicated to noobs. We still enter the latest tournaments on Modern warfare 2 but are not humored by it i must say.

We compete on all call of duty games such as modern warfare, world at war and Modern ware 2.

wYb is really strong these days and is looking forward to blackops.

Your Leader skcram.

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[wYb] History.
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