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 Cuzzy's history

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PostSubject: Cuzzy's history   Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:19 pm

h0ly shit where do i start, well i didnt own cod4, i started playing on cod5, not very much tho i was never in a clan until mw2 came out, thats when shit got real i started off in a quickscoping clan were everyone's name was RK0_ or JK0_ lol but there was some beeast quickscopers in that clan it was crazy.
i then met up with world-best007 aka sckeptical and he seen me play a few games and asked me to join yNx i said yes and this was pretty much my first clan, we were pretty scrubish but had some talent we went alright in the first tourny we entered coming 3rd or 4th i think didnt make finals tho, so cutsy94 and wolrd-best007 decided to disband yNx, i have no idea why lol but as i was playing with yNx i made freinds with eruptzionz, who just recently got kicked from R!OT (but said he left) lol and he just started a clan called RzN aka Rizen. there was only a few members in there but i decided to join i then got a few of my mates in (joey_tha_killa and impulsive, walks92) and eventualy we had about 15-20 members and starting to look good, we had a freindly with TeKz when they were #1 and they were pubing hard and had al there players and we ended up beating them 3-2, straight after teKz we vsed aRC! they beat us 3-2 but i was carrying for RzN and one of the aRC! members decided to add me as a freind for some reason but anyways eruptzins decided to enter us in the last mygaming tourny for mw2, we ended up going through undefeated and made the grand final which we were suppose to vs aRC!, eruptzions then decides, 1 week before the grandfinal to end the clan because he's going to get a job and quit gaming (LOL), so that was the end of RzN, about a month or so until black ops came out the guy from arc who added me asked me to pop a app on their site, so i did that and i was trialing for about a week when i got in, we had a few cwars which they hardly let me play and they had so many members, and i wasnt fitting in so i left arc and went clanless into black ops.

the first week or so of blackops i join a random s n d game and there was al these 6RAR members and i was thinking they use to be good, they must b coming back i recognised pilbarabloke from other clans and he recognised me and told me to join 6RAR hes bringing them back lol i was clanless at the time so i was like ok why not haaha we were in the mygaming tourny and we actualy beat aOX!, 3nvy (which i carried so hard no joke) and some other clan but we got dqed everytime because some1 would use stuns or rapid fire.. pilbarabloke msged me on psn saying he was going to quit gaming so im like ok, il stay until mygaming tourny finishes then il leave. but i ended leaving earlier and sR asked me to trial for them i was going to trial until skeptical sent me a psn msg saying (step up from these scrubing clans and trial for wYb) im like fuck yeah and here i am!
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PostSubject: Re: Cuzzy's history   Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:02 am

haha sexy story but you do no eruptzion lied to all RzN members,,when he said he was getting a job and quitting gaming he made a new PSN Eruptt and joined TeKz, he still plays for TeKz and we even vsed him when we beat them 3-2 in tourny.
Erupt is a sly weesle fuck nuff said
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PostSubject: Re: Cuzzy's history   Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:36 am

too bad we are declining you scrub
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PostSubject: Re: Cuzzy's history   

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Cuzzy's history
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